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Welcome to Planet Soda

Planet Soda is spread across South India: Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tripura. We are launching phase by phase in Overseas.

The most successful and fastest growing soda brand in India with the highest success ratio compared to any other soda brand.

We have about 400 Successful franchisee outlets and mobile machines currently. We will be reaching the 500 outlets number very soon.

Planet Soda is the only soda brand in the world to provide more than a dozen variety of healthy sodas made from real fruits without adding any artificial colours or artificial flavours.

Planet Soda offers the best quality custom made soda dispensing machines according to customer specifications, of sizes ranging from 5 flavours to 45 flavours.

Other product line up in Planet brand include:

1. Planet Cookie & Biscuits
2. Planet Fruit squash
3. Planet Ice creams
4. Planet Fruit Kulfi (20 flavours)
5. Planet soft drinks & hot fruit drinks & many more products
which can be sold along with Planet Soda.

Each and every product we launch is unique and not available elsewhere...

The cookies we manufacture is one of its kind in the World. Planet cookies comes in 4 unique flavours and they contain No artificial colours, No artificial flavours, No Preservatives, No baking soda, No yeast, No maida, No raising agents & No transfat...

Planet Soda is not a company that concentrates just on marketing and selling machines to unwary clients and customers to start up a new business.

We give complete guidance and knowledge about soda shops and soda business to our clients before appointing them as our franchisee.

We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who will attend to service requests during the warranty period and beyond.

Planet Soda being the fastest growing soda brand in India is known for its quality and wide range of products which are not available in any other competitive brand in the world.

Planet Soda is easily accepted by customers because of its best ever tasting flavour which are provided with un-matched and consistent quality throughout its hundreds of outlets.

Planet Soda has a wide range of unique food products such as fruit drink, healthy hot drink, ice cream and healthy cookies which can be combined and sold in all planet soda outlets to increase the footfall of customers thus generating more revenue to the planet soda or planet cafe franchisee.

We are an ISO 9000:2008 Certified Company.we hold more than 25 Trademarks & Copyrights.

All our concentrates are lab tested & approved by the Central Government's Food Standards Safety Authority of India...

planet soda
1 Soda Machines
  6 8 Flavour Machine
  6 14 Flavour Machine
  6 16 Flavour Machine
  6 19 Flavour Machine
  6 28 Flavour Machine
  6 45 Flavour Machine
  Planet Soda 16 Flavour Automobile Machine
2 Soda Flavours
3 Health Soda
4 Planet Kulfi Ice creams
5 Planet Chew
7 Planet Cookie
8 Planet Cafe
Planet Soda
Planet Soda
The main reason for unprecedented success of planet soda is its unique and never before seen features and service like :
1 Continuous research and development of new and unique products in the food and beverage industry.
3 Highest customer retention.
2 India’s fastest growing soda vending brand.
3 Use of natural flavours.
4 Development of innovative and new healthy foods.
4 One of the India’s largest and direct service team.
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