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Planet Soda
Planet Soda   Planet Soda

Planet Soda is the only brand in the world to provide more than a dozen variety of health based sodas made from 100% real fruits without adding artificial colours or artificial flavours.

Planet Soda is the only brand that uses food grade containers which are replaced periodically...

Planet Soda is the only brand that takes effort to care for your Health..
So we welcome you all to planet Soda for Health & Joy...

Planet Soda is spread across South India: Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Maharashtra We are launching it phase by phase Overseas.

We have more than 300 successful outlets in South India currently & will be expanding it to 500 outlets by 2014.

Planet Soda machines are made using the highest quality parts sourced from renowned International companies like
Planet Soda Valves - Lancer
Planet Soda Pump - Procon
Planet Soda Pump Motor
- GE Marathon
Planet Soda Compressor - Copeland
Planet Soda Digital Thermostat - Sub Zero
Planet Soda We supply the concentrates at manufacturing cost directly to every planet soda franchisee .
Planet Soda Our syrup is supposed to be the best quality in India and it costs just Rs. 490.
Planet Soda This superior quality and best pricing are possible because of own manufacturing and large volumes .
Planet Soda Why lose your profit by buying through dealers & agents who sell lesser quality syrups for higher prices of Rs 700 -1000.
  Drink Cost
Planet Soda The selling price of 1 glass of Joy drink (250 ml) is Rs. 10
Planet Soda We use ingredients with the highest quality.
Planet Soda We never compromise with quality.
Planet Soda The Planet Soda printed plastic cups we use 65 to 85 paise, they are approx. 100 micron ( Govt. Limit is just 40 micron).
Planet Soda Mineral water cost 30 paise
Planet Soda Co2 gas 15 paise
Planet Soda Syrup cost less than 1.70 Rs.
Planet Soda Machine depreciation 5 paise.
Planet Soda Electricity 20 paise. So the approximate production cost per glass of drink cost less than Rs. 3.25
Planet Soda For 200ml drink, it is Rs.2.70
  Space Requirement
Planet Soda Minimum Space required to start a PLANET SODA outlet is 8x8 feet = 64 sq.ft
Planet Soda Minimum Space required to start a PLANET CAFE outlet combined with PLANET SODA, PLANET HOT DRINKS, PLANET KULFI, PLANET COOKIE... etc requires 10x16 feet = 160 sq.ft

Note: The products we supply are Soda dispensing machines, All types of Soda machinery spare parts, Flavour mixing machines, Soda Flavour Concentrates, Flavoured syrups, Fruit Squash, Jeera Masala powders & Planet Soda printed cups of sizes, 200ml, 210ml, 250ml & 300ml... All at whole sale prices.

Co2 gas & R.O.water needed to prepare the drink are widely available through out India. We will give you the contacts of the best local suppliers for parcel bottles, Co2 gas, R.O water, Exterior & interior designers & Electricians. We will guide you step by step with the simple process of starting the business.

For further details contact 090921 33331

Planet Soda
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