Planet Soda is spread across India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Middle East… Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tripura & Goa. We have more than 500 shops and Mobile outlets in India currently & will be expanding it to 600 outlets in 2021.We are ISO 9001:2008  Certified. We hold more than 20 Trademarks & Copyrights.Our flavours are lab tested & approved by the Central Government’s Food Standards Safety Authority of India. (License Number: 12414003001514)

  • We have 110 FLAVOURS in total for you to choose from.
  • PLANET SODA is the only soda brand in the world to provide more than a dozen variety of
    Health based sodas made from 100% real fruits without adding artificial colours or artificial flavours, all at competitive prices.
  • We custom manufacture machines according to your specifications, ranging from 5 flavours to
    45 flavours… There are more than 25 models of machines… Cost of machines range from 1.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs all inclusive.

Planet Soda Machines are manufactured using the highest quality parts sourced from renowned international companies. We use the most expensive & the best soda TAP in the industry and provide 5 YEARS WARRANTY for it. No other company in the world provides such a high period of warranty.

  • 12 Flavours Machine
  • 14 Flavours Machine
  • 16 Flavours Machine
  • 20 Flavours Machine
  • 30 Flavours Machine

“The above machine price includes – Tax, Transportation, installation charges, 5 years tap warranty A-grade stainless steel syrup tanks, stickering, steel stand, water tank, motorised flavour mixer, location franchise, staff t-shirt & caps, Tools & Utensils, 5 sets of menu cards, training, 1yr free service & Warranty / Guarantee”

  • 8 flavour compact model

Mobile Model :

  • 12 flavours mobile model
  • 16 flavours automobile machine
    (Best Machine in India with dispensing capacity of upto 3,000 cups in just 1 hour during functions)

We have a team of dedicated service engineers who provide quality services for lifetime. Mobile machines can be used for party orders, crowded tourist spots, temple & family functions etc…

  • 12 flavour mobile machine has a dispensing capacity of 1,500 cups.
  • 16 flavour has a dispensing capacity of upto 2,500 cups.

We have more than 50 Mobile outlets mostly on Tata Ace, few are on tata ace zip, tata super ace, mahindra maximo, mahindra jeeto and even on Tata xenon pick up truck. We can provide you with service & spare parts support for lifetime and guide you step by step in running the business. During installation we will provide you complete training for upto 2days.


Planet Soda outlets which you start are 100% yours only, and the profits that come out of it belongs to you only, we do not charge any commissions or royalties or deposits or any franchise fee…

We manufacture machines, flavours, kulfi ice creams and supply it to you at wholesale prices & provide complete service support.

  • We supply the concentrates directly to every Planet Soda franchisee & train them to prepare the drinks.
  • Our syrup is of the best quality in India, Our franchisee to prepare which includes cost of the flavour concentrates, sugar & water. (Can produce up to 320 cups of Soda drink)
  • This superior quality & best pricing are possible because of our own manufacturing & large volumes.
  • Why lose your profits by buying through dealers & agents who sell lesser quality syrups for higher

Drink Cost

  • The selling price of 1 glass of Joy drink (250ml)
  • We use high quality ingredients
  • We do not use artificial sweeteners like most others
  • The Planet soda printed paper cups we use costs 85paise
  • Mineral (R.O.) water cost 30 paise
  • CO2 gas 15 paise 2
  • Syrup (M30sugar+R.O.water+flavour)
  • Machine depreciation 5 paise


Space Requirement :

Minimum space required to start a PLANET SODA outlet is 5×6 feet = 30sq.ft

NOTE : The products we supply are Soda dispensing machines, All types of Soda machinery spare parts, Flavour mixing machines, Soda Flavour Concentrates, Flavoured syrups, Fruit Squash, Jeera Masala powders & Planet Soda printed cups of sizes, 200ml, 210ml, 250ml & 300ml… All at wholesale prices.

CO gas needed to prepare the drink is widely available through out India. We will give you the contacts of the best local suppliers for parcel bottles, M30 Sugar, CO gas, R.O water, Exterior & Interior designers & Electricians. 2 We give you the designs, layouts & instruction manua l in CDs & provide you training for operating the machine & will guide you step by step with the simple process of starting the business.