Planet Soda


1. More profit to customers.  More profit to manufacturer.
2. REPEATED CUSTOMERS 25% of Our customers own two or more Planet Soda outlets. Some own more than 5 outlets.  Not Available
3.  Superior quality machine. Inferior & cheap quality.
4.  Planet Soda taps with 5 year warranty (Worth more than Rs.7,000) Duplicate taps
5.  Our Taps can make the perfect blend of soft drinks. Duplicate taps cannot blend the syrup and soda evenly.
6.  Planet Soda Taps can withstand the high pressure of the 1,000 psi co2 tank. Taps Start to leak even at low 50 psi pressure.
7.  Our Taps can make drinks with high fizz & more gas in soda. Leaking taps cannot withstand high pressure
thus the drinks are more like plain water and
these can’t be called as soda machines, as it
does not have the fizz of a proper soda.
8.  Free Franchise, No Royalty or Commissions. Have nothing to offer for a franchise.
9.  Wide presence among various locations in South India & abroad, so a well established service network. No after sales service except for false promises.
10.  A Genuine Exporter of Soda machines & Flavours , which is a proof of the quality of flavours & machines made by us. Passing the stringent certifications & documentations  required to export them. Not Available
11.  Export Quality machine. Profitable to our customers. Loss to customer
12.  24×7 service support line for customers. Not Available
13.  All the required setup & provisions to start & run a hassle free franchise  Not Available
 14.  25% more expensive than others but providing 125% more to the customers in the form of product quality, free services, extra free provisions,100% guarantee & all inclusive pricing.  25% cheaper to buy the basic machine, expenses
on the servicing & business losses due to closed
shop starts after that
 15.  Experience in manufacturing the Largest soda vending machines in the world & having the maximum number of large size machines for shops and mobile units  Only small & flimsy machines
 16.  Use of high quality cane sugar & r.o water  Aspartame & Saccharine
 17. Only soda vending brand to provide a dozen Health flavours made from 100% fruits, No artificial colour,
No artificial flavour
 Not Available with anyone in the country
 18.  Pioneer in the industry with true innovations  Most of them try to copy the information we provide
without knowing the meaning of what is what.
 19.  Guaranteed Lifelong Service support & Spare parts support.  One time sale only & no dedicated service personnel